All credit to Bruce Mason

Natural Healing – replacement house rule

  • Minor injuries. At the end of each day make a Resilience test for each location on positive Hit Points. If successful, gain 1/2 the location’s normal HPs back. On a fail gain 1. Fumble, lose 1d3. Critical success – fully heal.
  • Serious injuries: at the end of each week after the initial injury make a Resilience Test for each location on 0 or fewer Hit Points with the same results as above. However any location on negative Hit Points cannot heal to above 0 HPs. Any location currently on 0 HPs can only gain 1 Hit Point. Therefore there’s a minimum of 2 weeks to recover if the location is on negative HPs: 1 week to return to zero and then one week to increase from zero to 1 Hit Point.
  • Major injuries. Unless a character is receiving medical treatment, major wounds do not naturally heal. Successful sustained medical treatment allows a location with a major wound to recover as if it were a serious injury.

Good medical treatment gives a bonus in the range of +10 to +40 to the Resilience test. Lack of proper rest & care or exposure to adverse conditions gives a penalty or may prevent any healing taking place at all.


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