Howling Wolf

High in the foothills of the Stormwalk mountains is the tula of the clan Howling Wolf, the land called Sky End, on the shores of Sky End Lake. In better times it was a prosperous clan but the long winter has reduced it to a shadow of what it once was.

The Howling Wolf clan consists of around 300 Orlanthi, of which around two-fifths (120) are children. Of the rest, one-fifth are adult men capable of fighting (70), adult women (70) and the old or lame (30).

The chieftain of the clan is an old warrior, Orlgard Sevenson.

The chieftain’s stead is at Sky End Lake, in the hills. Here are the new temples of the clan, where the ceremonies to Orlanth and Ernalda and the other gods of the Storm Tribe are held.

There are two other major homesteads loyal to Orlgard Sevenson: the steading of Thunder Bridge and the steading of Urling’s Ford. Both lie to the south-west of Sky End.

North of those two steadings is the border with the EWF. South of those steadings is the tula of the Laughing River clan, the clan of Aeldred the Fat. Aeldred’s people dwell in the northern reaches of the Savage or Steal Forest and have weathered the long winter better than the hillfolk.

Theoretically, both Orlgard’s and Aeldred’s clans’ tulas are part of the territory ruled by Androfin the Defiant but they have little contact with the tribes to the south. In this hard time, every clan is on its own.

Howling Wolf

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