Movement in Combat

Borrowed from Bruce Mason

Movement – replacement system

Movement in Combat Rounds is rated in Combat Actions. As a Combat Action a character can move at one of three different speeds.

  • Walk (“half move”). While walking a character can move up to half of its MOV in metres and can combine it with any action except making or preparing a close combat attack. It can be combined with preparing a parry.
  • Hustle (“Full move”). The character can move up to its MOV in metres. This cannot be combined with other actions though the character can react defensively by parrying or evading.
  • Run. The character may immediately spend two more Combat Actions to run a distance equal to its MOV multiplied by the number of CAs spent plus 1. The distance moved is reduced by the character’s Armour penalty. E.g.a human with a MOV of 8m and an Armour Penalty of -5 could spend 2 CAs to move 19m (24-5), 3 CAs to move 27m (32-5) and so on. A character can only spend CAs available to it this Combat Round. A running character cannot take any actions including defensive reactions without aborting the run. Furthermore a character is considered to be running until its next Turn.

If a character is hustling or running it is considered to be moving at that speed until its next turn. This is important for the purposes of missile fire and so on.

Movement in Combat

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