Ranged Weapon Ranges

The listed weapon range of ranged weapons (using A&E numbers) is the effective range – the range at which you have some chance of hitting a man-sized target. Massed combat would of course frequently see ranges greater than this.

Half the listed range for Close Range. That is the range which your skill is used at 100%. Between Close Range and Effective Range the skill is used at 50%.

Notes: It is possible to make much more accurate and realistic tables, however the above is certainly better than the RAW. For example:

The “hit” percentages of England’s finest archers at three ranges were: 92% hits at 60 yards, 81% at 80 yards, and 54% hits at 100 yards distance. The best archers for an entire year of tournament competition still scored complete misses 46% of the time when firing at a target the size of a man at 100 yards range.


Ranged Weapon Ranges

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