Religion and Mythology

The Orlanthi believe in a pantheon of gods known as the Storm Tribe. This is headed by their namesake, Orlanth, the Storm God.

The Lightbringers

Orlanth led the Lightbringers in a quest to renew the world. They were seven in all, one died on the quest and another remains an enigma. Five are worshipped by the clans.

  • Orlanth: King of the gods and the Storm Tribe, he led the seven lightbringers to renew the world, he made the first clans and the first justice.
  • Issaries: The talking god is the god of trade and travel, and also of communication and conciliation.
  • Lhankor Mhy: The knowing god, and god of lawspeaking. He is the patron of jurors and scholars.
  • Eurmal: The trickster god. Fool, outlaw and scapegoat. He brings trouble to those around him.
  • Chalana Arroy: Goddess of health and healing.

Other gods

  • Ernalda: The earth queen. As Orlanth’s wife and mother of Barntar and Voria, she’s also the familiy goddess with a pantheon of household spirits.
  • Heler: Bringer of rain, one of Orlanth’s staunchest allies.
  • Odayla: God of hunting. He is a friend of the Lady of the Wild and of Orlanths brother Yinkin, the Alynx god.
  • Esrola: Mother of Life and the power of the earth manifest. The expression of earthly desire and needs.
  • Urox: The storm bull is unruly and lawless. God of berserkers. Traditionally a Nomad god but popular with the Orlanthi.
  • Humakt: God of war and death, and of all endings. He is the patron of the severest of warriors, each of which has a list of stringent vows to uphold.
  • Elmal: God of the sun. He was rescued by Orlanth, and married into the Storm Tribe. Elmal guarded the stead when the Lightbringers departed.
  • Barntar: The plowman is the peaceful farmer god, backbone of the clan. He is the son of Ernalda and Orlanth. His wife is Mahome, goddes of the Hearth.
  • Flamal: Seed Father, Root Father, First Root, Grower. The father of all plants and things that grow and die.
  • Gustbran the Bonesmith: The god of smiths and craftsmen.
  • Asrelia: Mother of Ernalda and Maran Gor. Keeper of all that is good and desired.
  • Valind: The Winter King; god of the frozen wastes of the North.
  • Mastakos: The god of movement and Orlanth’s charioteer.
  • Kero Fin: The First Mountain. The mother of all mountains and the mother of Orlanth and Yinkin.
  • Hedkoranth: Orlanth’s son by a woman named Arvena. The Thunderstone, Orlanth’s Thumderbolt made physical.
  • Vinga: Adventuress. She is the patron of women born with a warriors heart.
  • Yinkin: Half-brother to Orlanth and a protector of men.

Evil Gods

  • Babeester Gor: Goddess of Revenge and Terror. Serves Ernalda and all Earth Goddesses as their honour guard and avenger.
  • Maran Gor: Earth shaker and mother of dinosaurs. She is Ernalda’s grim sister and causes earthquakes.
  • Yigg: The Raging Storm.


  • Ancestors: The long dead who still watch over the clan, they are revered all the way back to those who bravely survived the Great Darkness.
  • Kolat: The Orlanthi spirit Shaman.

Religion and Mythology

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