The Steads

Shamelessly borrowed from Bruce Mason, all credit to him

The Howling Wolf Clan holds the Tula (territory) along the source of the Solthi River in the mountains, through Sky End Lake to Thunder Bridge. The chieftain (Orlgard) has his longhouse at Sky End Stead on the shore of Sky End Lake.

Bloodlines include (but are not limited to):

  • Verlain – large bloodline, steads are E/SE of Sky End.
  • Kestald – steads are W of Sky End, in the woods.
  • Farangar – smallest bloodline, steads are N of Sky End, in the mountains

Major personalities

Sky End Stead

Orlgard Seven Son – the chieftain and Priest of Orlanth. All of his sons are dead.
Vinya, Orlgard’s sister – a priestess of Ernalda and said to favour the dragon. Also leads the rites to Chalana Arroy (goddess of healing).
Theorl, Vinya’s son and first in line to be chieftain. Big, boastful and not too bright. Likes hunting, drinking, wenching and getting up late.
Theogrim – Orlgard’s Weaponthane (i.e. head of the clan’s Warband). So ancient he creaks. Orlgard recently sent his 10 best fighters south at King Androfin’s request so Theogrim, essentially, was called out of retirement.
Wuldric the one-armed. Lost his left-arm while battling a sun demon in Dara Happa. A teller of many tales of derring-do.
Goldhen. A pretty if slightly disturbing young woman who may have the gift of prophecy. Under the tutelage of Vinya.
Asha – prettiest unmarried woman in the clan.
Borglot the Brewer. Rarely has any left-over product to sell.
Morgail “The Mighty.” Close friend to Theorl. Bully.
Forgo the Remarkably Old. He really is. Custodian of the Clan Temple on the shore of Sky End Stead.
Sumerain the Pock-Marked. A devotee of Issaries (The trader god) wintering at Sky End Stead.

Urling’s Ford

Hralf – leader of the stead, one of Orlgard’s most loyal thanes.
Hrulf Hralfsson – Urox worshipper who sinned and now the whole clan will pay for his misdemeanours.

Thunder Bridge

Donal Longtalker. Village headman, thane of Orlgard. Never knowingly uses 1 word when he could use 10.
Daven Longsword. Weapon thane who believes that actions speak louder than words.
Rangor Blessplough. Beak-nosed priest of Barntar – the farming god. Old ways traditionalist determined to hold the clan together.


Thandor Golden Hair (or Manysons). Lord of Sunvale, playboy about town.
Hendrik Hendriksson. Doughty and loyal friend of Thandor.

The Steads

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