Moving past enemies

Shamelessly borrowed from Bruce Mason

One figure can generally move past another figure that is currently engaged in close combat without issue though the GM may require Athletics tests if the field is congested.

If a figure wishes to move out of a square within reach of a figure that is not currently not engaged in close combat, that could attack and that figure is aware of the moving figure and it has at least one Combat Action left then it may attempt to make an out-of-turn attack (OOT Attack) against the moving figure. A figure may move past or even through a square containing an unengaged friendly figure without any issues.

  • If the figure being moved past elects to attack then the moving figure has three options: do nothing, evade or parry. Note that if the moving figure is running that it cannot take Defensive Combat Actions therefore its only option is to keep running and hope.
  • If the moving figure elects to parry then, if the attack is a success, the movement stops immediately.
  • If the moving figure elects to evade and wins the opposed roll against the attack, the movement can continue. Note though that the moving figure has evaded therefore it cannot attack on its next turn.
  • The attack or defence can trigger Combat Manoeuvres as normal.

Moving past enemies

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